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Mini API

Here's a very simple API to analyze user agent strings and use the result on your website or application

You can send a ua string as post or get request (form field or in the query string).
Use 'uas' as parameter name:


this will automatically parse the string. To get some data you have to add one more parameter:

Get key/value pairs

By adding &getText=all;%20U;%20en-us)%20Presto/2.2.0&getText=all

you will get a text file with key value pairs like


By adding &getJSON=all;%20U;%20en-us)%20Presto/2.2.0&getJSON=all

you will get a text file with a JSON object like
{"agent_type":"Browser","agent_name":"Opera","agent_version":"9.70", "os_type":"Linux","os_name":"Linux"....

Always URL encode your strings or you will get problems with special characters like #
If you don't want all the values, you can create a list of parameters separated by dashes (-)
Possible parameters are:
This will just get agent name and version: getText=agent_name-agent_version

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