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Minefield is a codename for Mozilla Firefox’s nightly trunk builds. To prevent test releases from being mistaken for a new release it has become commonplace for alpha releases to carry codenames like Deer Park or Bon Echo. Similar thinking has resulted in the nightly trunk builds (bleeding-edge test binaries that will eventually form the basis of the next Firefox version) being rebranded as Minefield

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Minefield 4.0b4pre

Minefield 4.0b2pre

Minefield 4.0a1pre

Minefield 3.7a5pre

Minefield 3.7a4pre

Minefield 3.7a3pre

Minefield 3.7a1pre

Minefield 3.6a1pre

Minefield 3.2a1pre

Minefield 3.1b3pre

Minefield 3.1b2pre

Minefield 3.1b2

Minefield 3.1b1pre

Minefield 3.1a2pre

Minefield 3.1a1pre

Minefield 3.0pre

Minefield 3.0b5pre

Minefield 3.0b4pre

Minefield 3.0b3pre

Minefield 3.0b3

Minefield 3.0b2pre

Minefield 3.0b2

Minefield 3.0a9pre

Minefield 3.0a8pre

Minefield 3.0a7pre

Minefield 3.0a6pre

Minefield 3.0a5pre

Minefield 3.0a4pre

Minefield 3.0a3pre

Minefield 3.0a3

Minefield 3.0a2pre

Minefield 3.0a2

Minefield 3.0a1

Minefield 3.0.7

Minefield 3.0.6

Minefield 3.0.5pre

Minefield 3.0.4

Minefield 3.0.1

Minefield 3.0

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