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Fennec is the code name of the effort to build a mobile version of Firefox.

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Fennec 9.0

Fennec 7.0a1

Fennec 6.0a1

Fennec 5.0

Fennec 4.1a1pre

Fennec 4.0b6pre

Fennec 4.0b4pre

Fennec 4.0b3pre

Fennec 4.0b3

Fennec 4.0b2

Fennec 4.0.1

Fennec 4.0

Fennec 2.0b1pre

Fennec 2.0a1pre

Fennec 2.0.1

Fennec 1.1

Fennec 1.0b2pre

Fennec 1.0b2

Fennec 1.0b1

Fennec 1.0a2pre

Fennec 1.0a2

Fennec 1.0a1

Fennec 0.9pre

Fennec 0.8

Fennec 0.7

Fennec 0.5

Fennec 0.11

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