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KazehakaseKazehakase 0.4.9
MozillaMozillaProductSlice. Claims to be a Mozilla based user agent, which is only true for Gecko browsers like Firefox and Netscape. For all other user agents it means 'Mozilla-compatible'. In modern browsers, this is only used for historical reasons. It has no real meaning anymore
5.0Mozilla version
X11X Window System
a windowing system for bitmap displays
U Security values:
  • N for no security
  • U for strong security
  • I for weak security
FreeBSD i386Operating System:
icon FreeBSD
running on a Intel 80386 CPU
rv: CVS Branch Tag
The version of Gecko being used in the browser
Gecko Gecko engine inside
KazehakaseName :
0.4.9Kazehakase version
Description:Kazehakase is a web browser for UNIX compatible environment that is implemented with multiple layout engines.
First visit: 2009.02.07 06:11
Last visit:2017.01.27 08:37

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